Saturday, November 8, 2008

Playoffs Round One

Ok, first week of the playoffs. For the Edmonton versus Winnipeg game, I'm picking Winnipeg. I don't really like Winnipeg, and I'm not a particularly big fan of Kevin Glenn, however Winnipeg has been relatively hot down the stretch going six and two over their last eight. Edmonton, not so much. Plus it is in Winnipeg which should give something of an advantage there. Ricky Ray, I somewhat like, however he always seems to pass for a lot of yards without winning a huge number of games. A weak running game is part of that, and will probably hurt them at zero degrees celsius today.

BC versus Saskatchewan. I'll pick BC. I like BC's defence. Their offense, well, it is a bit more hit and miss, and with Buck Pierce constantly getting injured, you never really know. Saskatchewan, I like their defence, their heart and their coaching. Their quarterbacks and their many injured players? Again not so much.