"Mitchell said the team had record revenues in 2009 and looks set to exceed those numbers in 2010 by more than 10 per cent. But the team will continue to lose money, as it has since owner Bob Young took over the team in 2003." So that's good news. Considering there is little inflation right now, both for player salaries and everything else, that's good for reducing the team's loss per year. Whatever that is.

When I get back from Germany this week, I'm going to pick up a pair of Labour Day tickets, seeing as single game tickets are now available to season ticket subscribers. Apparently the price to season ticket holders for extra tickets is the same for Labour Day as for the other games (and is at the season ticket price) so that's an excellent deal. I figured they would be $5 more, which they probably should. I probably would have bought more, but the Ticats apparent love of stadiums beside highways in the middle of nowhere is annoying me. So there you go Bob, lost ticket revenue from Tigercatatonia, maybe more naming rights money from Primus.