Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stat Analysis, Stamps at Cats

Just a quick look at the stats for last game. Porter was 19 for 32 for 246 yards with a TD and a pick. Fairly pedestrian, however he also ran seven times for 63 yards which is pretty sweet. Cobb had a decent game, rushing for 85 yards on 17 carries as well as gaining 51 yards on five receptions for well over 100 yards of total offense. Bruce of course had 105 yards on six catches including 2 TDs. McDaniel also had 61 yards on four catches (who needs Chris Davis?). Curiously Corey Grant had two receptions for 18 yards, but fellow non-imports Stala and Bauman had none. Glenn passes to Stala, Porter, not so much. Maybe against Montreal, Stala's old team, it will be different.

Bolden and surprise, Sandy Beveridge led the Cats with four tackles each. Otis Floyd had three tackles and two sacks.

For Calgary, Burris was 10 for 25 for a truly anemic 114 yards. No picks at least. Copeland had four catches for 70 yards and Reynolds had 127 yards on 13 rushes and that was pretty much it for the Calgary offense. Hughes had seven tackles and two sacks to lead the Calgary defence.

Cats lost the turnover battle, but still won. All in all, the Cats are a far better team than in previous years and are especially powerful at home.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Retro Argo Cheerleaders

Retro Argo Cheerleaders
Originally uploaded by philinator
I attended the Ticat game in Argoville a week and a half ago. The Rogers Centre (or Dead Ted's Dome as I prefer) is a pretty mediocre place to watch a football game, especially when you compare the sightlines to Ivor Wynne. We were on the second level and while the view wasn't terrible, it wasn't great either. Hard to see the Jumbotron as well. Of course the Cats pretty much stank up the joint until tying the game in exciting fashion in the last minute and then proceeded to suck in overtime and lose to, uh, Cody Pickett.

A number of games ago, the Ticats cheerleaders had their retro uniforms and for this game the Argohos had theirs. If I go back to Toronto for the next Ticat game in October, I need to get a better camera.

More CFL Ratings

Trying to get caught up on the latest CFL rankings. Chris Zelkovich's blog has the TV sports ratings for weekend after Labour Day. In third, the Riders at the Bombers had 872,000 viewers, in fourth the Ticats at Argos had 795,000 viewers, in fifth, the Stampeders at Eskimos had 755,000 viewers and in seventh, the Lions at Alouettes with 546,000 viewers (although that is just the TSN number and not the RDS number). Two unopposed NFL games had first and second, while surprisingly a Blue Jay game snuck into sixth. This is the first week where the CFL competes with the NFL head to head and the CFL ratings were quite respectable. Good to see the Ticats with a good number as well.

I will be curious to crunch the average number per team at the end of the season, although without the RDS numbers (unless I can find them somewhere) Montreal will be at a disadvantage. Saskatchewan looks to have a good shot at winning, based on the last two weeks of games against the Bombers.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Labour Day TV Ratings

A bit late admittedly to be posting this, but Chris Zelkovich's blog has the TV ratings for the Labour Day weekend. Bombers at Roughriders, 982,000, Eskimos at Stampeders 979,000, Argos at Ticats 844,000 and the Alouettes and Lions with 750,000 although that is only for TSN and not RDS. In the blog post it describes the improvement in the ratings due to the use of people meters that pick up inaudible sounds from the broadcasts to capture people watching programs on TVs in bars or other peoples houses.

Impressive ratings, although the Ticat Argos game might have performed better with a non-sucky double blue team. Certainly I think there is more value to the CFL for their broadcasts than what they are currently getting from TSN. I still think that TSN should broadcast two preseason games per year, with the Riders being one of the teams playing.

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Calgary
3. Hamilton
4. Edmonton
5. Saskatchewan
6. BC
7. Toronto
8. Winnipeg

This was a tough week considering that there are now four teams with 6 and 5 records. Montreal at the top is obvious, as usual. Calgary stays at number two, with the relatively close loss on the road (even if they didn't look particularly good). Hamilton generally looked to be the better team on Friday and could have moved up a spot if they hadn't given up 14 easy points at the start of the game and instead blew out Calgary. Edmonton and Saskatchewan are especially tough, with the Riders having a way better point differential, but the Eskimos won on the road so I have to give them the higher spot. BC at 5 and 6 is easy for sixth place. Toronto, still mediocre and losing, but better than the Peg.

The Globe had an article Saturday on the Cats, which included a photo of the fan walking across the goalpost. Here is a youtube video of said fan, which I must say really got the crowd going and which I found highly entertaining. Some fans on forum have argued that it was a dumb idea because the fan is now banned for life, but honestly how are they going to enforce that?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 11, Part 2

Winnipeg at Montreal,
After getting walloped at home against Saskatchewan last week, there's no point beating around the bush. Montreal, easily.
Montreal 42, Winnipeg 13

Saskatchewan at Edmonton,
Edmonton lost a close one at home against Calgary last week, while the Riders won big in the Peg. The Riders are favoured by two. Edmonton has been in a little bit of a swoon lately, but I'll take the Eskimos at home in a close one.
Edmonton 31, Saskatchewan 27

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart

Changes this week on the defensive line, with Dyakowski's injury. The tackles Goodspeed and Gauthier are still the same, as is Hage at centre and Hudson at guard. First overall pick Simeon Rottier (red animal in German) comes in at guard and starts for the first time this season. Porter starts at QB.

Changes at receiver, Currie and Bauman are the wideouts, with Stala and McDaniel as the inside guys. Bruce according to the depth chart only comes in for five receiver sets, but I'm sure he's in all the time. Cobb at running back and Williams at fullback for the once in a blue moon that the Cats use a fullback. Maybe the Cats should use a four receiver set just to mix things up once in a while.

Long and Hickman are listed as the defensive ends. Murphy and Bolden are the tackles.

Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson at linebacker, surprise.

Bradley and Smith are the cornerbacks, Thomson and Tisdale are the halfbacks and Beveridge is the sole Canadian on defence, in at safety.

For Calgary on offense, Henry Burris starts at QB with some anonymous person named Barrick Nealy as the backup. Reynolds starts at running back and non-import Teyo Johnson starts at fullback. Titus Ryan is the import wideout and Brett Ralph (brother of Brock) is the non-import starting wideout. Jeremaine Copeland and Nik Lewis, both imports, are the starting slotbacks.

Ben Archibald, an import is the starting left tackle. Canadian Jeff Pilon starts at the other tackle position. Non import Tim O'Neill starts at centre, while non-imports Newman and Tsoumpas start at guard.

Non-import Justin Phillips starts at one defensive end position, with non-import Odell Willis starts at the other. Non-import Miguel Robede starts at on defensive tackle spot, while Jim Davis, a non-import starts at the other tackle spot. That's two Canadian starters on the defensive line.

Tim Johnson is the starting middle linebacker, with Carpenter and James are the outside linebackers. All are imports.

Raymond and Anderson are the starting import cornerbacks. Amadi and Eubanks are the starting halfback, both imports. Milt Collins, a non-import is the starting safety.

Here's an article from the Calgary Herald describing how the Calgary defence has totally changed from the opening game.

CFL Previews, Week 11, Part1

Calgary at Hamilton,
Calgary is currently favoured by 3.5 points on the road, which is not surprising considering the Cats have lost 3 of 4 and the Stampeders are coming off back to back victories over Edmonton. Calgary does have a 3 and 2 road record, however the Cats have a 4 and 1 home record, including the last five games. Last week sitting in Dead Ted's Dome, I did have the feeling the Cats would have won if it had been a home game. Incidently, the Cats at 1 and 4 are the worst road team in the entire CFL.

Quinton Porter is scheduled to be the starter, which isn't a huge surprise, although it is more surprising that coach Marcel announced who the starter would be. No Chris Davis at receiver, because the Cats gave him his release and apparently no Prechae Rodriguez who is hurting. That still leaves Porter with two prime targets in Bruce in Stala and Cobb is still in the backfield.

Calgary has running back Joffrey Reynolds and receiver Jermaine Copeland, plus Henry Burris' legs to keep drives going. Relatively medicore defence, but the Stamps are likely to win a shootout. Calgary in a close one.
Calgary 29, Hamilton 27

Toronto at BC,
BC is a ridiculously hard place for an Eastern Standard Timezone team to win in, although Hamilton managed to earlier in the year. Toronto this year has been a bad team, but seems to be on a slight upswing after beating the Cats at home in overtime last week. Cody Pickett has emerged as a not completely terrible quarterback and Toronto's traditionally strong defence has also started to reemerge. BC lost last week in Montreal and have now lost Jarious Jackson to a rotator cuff injury for the foreseeable future. Conveniently the oft concussed Buck Pierce is back to start at QB. One decent hit on Pierce could easily knock out the CFL's reigning man of glass and I have no idea who BC's backup quarterback is.

Surprisingly, this game has play off implications as BC at 4 and 6 is one game ahead of Toronto at 3 and 7 for the crossover spot in the East. If Toronto wins, by the tiebreaking rule for the crossover, the double blue would get the playoff spot. I'll go with Toronto, despite the three time zones and the fact that they're a terrible team because I have absolutely no confidence in the health of Buck Pierce.
Toronto 19, BC 15

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Calgary
3. Saskatchewan
4. Hamilton
5. Edmonton
6. Toronto
7. BC
8. Winnipeg

Montreal wins again this week at home and stays on top. Calgary wins both halves of their home and home against Edmonton, albeit closely this week so they stay at number two. The Riders wax an increasing joke of a Winnipeg team in the mosquito infested Peg. Hamilton loses to the Argos in overtime compared to the Eskimos losing two games in a row.

Toronto looks considerably better this week than the week before and proves that former rodeo clown Cody Pickett (who at 29 is a lot older than I thought he was) can actually win a game. BC loses a road game. Just a mediocre team this year.

Winnipeg is looking Hamiltonesque. Which is not a good thing.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 10, Part 2

BC at Montreal,
Montreal lost on a controversial play last week in BC. Now BC has come from three time zones away to try and keep some momentum going at Molson Stadium. The home field advantage will be too much (with the CFL being the ultimate North American homer league). Montreal easily.
Montreal 35, BC 22

Saskatchewan at Winnipeg,
Saskatchewan won easily in the Labour Day game, however the Bombers are now at home for the so called Banjo Bowl. Likely Winnipeg will try and get Fred Reid more touches along the ground this game. Winnipeg in a close one.
Winnipeg 25, Saskatchewan 24

Friday, September 11, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 11, Part 1

Hamilton at Toronto,
I will hopefully be in Dead Ted's Dome for the game and possibly I will remember my camera. Toronto was dreadful last week at Ivor Wynne and haven't won at home since some time in August of 2008. More than a calender year. That's some Argonaut suck right there. And surprisingly, Hamilton only is favoured by a single point. Frankly if I was a betting man, I think some money could be made off taking Hamilton. Just saying. Anyways, apparently the Argos have some more injuries since last week's tilt, whereas Hamilton's lineup stays pretty much the same. Not a lot to say here. The result will be closer than last week, but Hamilton still wins.
Hamilton 31, Toronto 20

Calgary at Edmonton,
I wasn't able to watch the game last week, but judging by the score, Edmonton sucked pretty heartily. Edmonton did seem pretty hot prior to this game, but ditching your offensive co-ordinator generally reeks of Blue Bomber like desperation. Apparently Calvin McCarty is out for another game, so that's enough for me to day Edmonton is done.
Calgary 36, Edmonton 25

Just as an aside, that Jays game last week, with 11K and change in terms of fans. Wow. That's Expos numbers. I know it was September and the team has been sucking, but really. Plus will the team be any better next year with Roger's managing the purse strings? Between the Bills games in Toronto and the Jays, how much money is the Rogers empire losing on sports this year. If Buffalo starts out sucking hard, those tickets for December's game will have to moved at a steep discount. Thankfully Ted's dead so he can't see what he has reaped from what he sowed.

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Calgary
3. Hamilton
4. Saskatchewan
5. Edmonton
6. BC
7. Winnipeg
8. Toronto

Montreal easy, despite the disputed loss on the West Coast. Calgary gets number almost by default, but am certainly looking forward to them playing away in Hamilton to see what they really are. Hamilton pretty much dismantled the double blue last week and could have truly annihilated them, whereas TO has kept it close against other teams. Plus Hamilton has a positive points for and against. Saskatchewan always seems middling. Edmonton imploded last week and ended up firing their offensive co-ordinator as a result. Frankly I think Edmonton plays well when they have Canadian Calvin McCarty lugging the ball, when Whitlock does they suck. BC managed to get past Montreal which is something Winnipeg and Toronto won't say this year. Winnipeg looked mildly less incompetent than the Argos, but with star lineback Barrin Simpson wanting out of the Peg, Toronto could end up better over the second half.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ticats Win 34-15

Well the Cats win against a rather incompetent, sucking Argo team. Too many turnovers for the Argos, but the Cats left some points on the table that would have allowed them to run away with it earlier. That evens the season series and gives us the opportunity to win the not so often mentioned Harold Ballard Cup next week in Toronto. I'll be at the game and will try and get some photos.

Probably better play by the defence overall than the offense.

Hopefully the overflow crowd led to a lot of revenue for the Cats for this game. One hopes too that the next home game against Calgary gets a good crowd. A sellout is probably too much to expect, but a crowd over 27,000 is certainly doable.

Ticats up 28-13 at End of the Third

Cats starting to pull away, even though they have left a lot of points on the table with all the Argo turnovers. Frankly, the Ticats are just a better team at this point of the season. Bruce and Stala
doing well.

Cats 276 yards versus the Double Blue's 229. Three Argo turnovers and two Ticat Sacks.

Attendance announced at 30,283, which is overflow and I assume answers my question of whether the people in the tents are included. Maybe some standing room tickets included in there. No idea where you stand with a standing room ticket.

Cats 18-10 at the Half

Good half by the Cats on Labour Day. Started out weak, but finished strong. Well apart from the Setta miss from sixteen yards at the end of the half. Usually for Ticat games, as the end of the half approaches, it will develop the Cats will have opportunity to score some points and the opponent none. Then over the past few years, the Cats will promptly screw it up and get no points and the other team will get a field goal or TD. The missed field goal was disappointing, but the Argos got no points in the last few minutes and the Cats did.

Good receiver play by Stala and Bruce. Cobb hasn't done much on the ground, but does have a nice TD receiving. Lots of protection for Glenn. Linebackers looked better as the half went on.

Net yards 188 Toronto 182 Hamilton.

Toronto is pretty much all Jamal Robertson. Pickett isn't bad, but probably still needs some time to develop. At least for the Argos next year he should be in good shape. Probably advantageous for Pickett that Don Matthews gave him a couple of starts last year.

I wonder if the Cats being up 18-10 instead down 18-10 means a lot more merchandise and concession sales at half time. Probably at least means more beer sold before the fourth quarter cutoff point.

Labour Day Game Commercials

With the big audience I guess they have managed to get some new commercials for the broadcast. Thank Christ. Some of the old ones were getting pretty stale, especially the Wendy's one. Hadn't seen the Alexander Keith one with the card for his birthday. Pretentious whistling ads for the Toyota Prius. Suzuki, GMC ads. What recession? Retarded Nike golf ads. All good for the CFL and TSN I assume.

Certainly long stretches of play without an ad. Felt like I was watching Fussball onGerman television.

Note sure about the Drew Barrymore Covergirl ad in terms of demographics.

After the First Quarter

Cats started off sucking, with almost no offense, but eventually put together a good drive, with hometown boy Dave Stala making three catches including a TD. Toronto running back Jamal Robertson has looked good.

Lumsden Still Hoping for the Olympics (Really?)

Jesse Lumsden still thinks there's a chance for the Olympics next year in Vancouver, according to this article, although in the photo he still has his arm in a sling. Don't really know what to say.

Depth Chart, Labour Day Edition

For the Cats, the offensive line stays the same as pretty much forever, Goodspeed, Dyakowski, Hage, Hudson, and Gauthier. Running back is Cobb and the fullback is John Williams. One change for the receivers is Chris Davis back at slotback after a game spent on the bench, in for Boise State alum (and I'm sure a fine university with many Nobel Prize winners) Drisan James. Local boy Dave Stala is the other slotback. Rodriguez and Bauman are the other starting wideouts, with I assume Bruce in whenever they play five receivers, which is often. No quarterback is listed, although I bet on Glenn.

On defence, with injuries on the line, it is Khari Long and Hickman as the ends, with Montez Murphy and Bolden, all imports, inside. Linebackers, Johnson, Floyd and Knowlton.

Bradley is in at the corner again, with Smith the other corner. Thompson and Tisdale are the defensive backs and the safety Sandy Beveridge, the lone starting Canadian on defence.

For the Argos, on the defensive line, Rob Murphy is the lone import. Ramsay is the other tackle, Picard the centre and Keeping and Robertson the guards. Robertson is the running back, with Crawford the fullback. McNeal and Lucas are the starting import wideouts, with Sam the import slot. Mac product and rookie Mike Bradwell is the other starting slotback.

On defence, Flemons and Harriot are the starting import ends. Huntley is the import inside, while non-import Adriano Belli is listed as the other tackle. Eiben is the starting outside linebacker, with Zeke "Not So Much Destroy Anymore" Moreno in the middle and Willie Pile on the other side.

Middlebrooks and Younger are the cornerbacks. Shell and Shivers the defensive backs and Poole the safety.

For the first time ever in the CFL, the Argos will start an import punter and an import kicker, which I suppose is somewhat noteworthy.

CFL Previews, Week 10, Part 2

Toronto at Hamilton,
We're still not sure who is going to start, Glenn or Porter. Things are looking towards Glenn, although I'm not sure what the call would be if Porter's knee was 100% (of if Porter is even injured anymore, Porter's knee injury could serve as a face saving explanation for Bellefeuille). We do know that Cody Pickett will be starting as quarterback for Toronto. Hamilton still has some injuries on the defensive line, although last week they didn't look too bad without Adams and McIntyre. Apart from that we are not too bad, except for special teamer Barrenchea being out with blood clots. Not exactly sure about the Toronto injuries.

In their games last week, Toronto lost by three at home to Calgary, and Hamilton by one on the road to Edmonton, with Hamilton looking at least somewhat dominant until some incompetence at the end. Hamilton is favoured by 6.5 now and Ivor Wynne will be packed and should give Hamilton a bit of an edge. Pickett has passed for over 300 yards the past two games, but his completion percentage is not particularly hot, which generally means field goals over TDs (and consequently losses). Arland Bruce should be on fire for the Cats, looking for revenge against Count Floyd lookalike Bart Andrus. The Cats also have Chris Davis back in the lineup, which should be an upgrade over Drisan James (at least first namewise).Ticats by more than a TD and even in the Harold Ballard Cup.
Hamilton 29, Toronto 21

Edmonton at Calgary,
Calgary is favoured by 6.5, which I don't really understand. Sure they are at home, but Edmonton had proved to be the better team over the first part of the season, plus the Stampeders barely beat the somewhat improving Double Blue last week. Calgary just hasn't looked like the team that won the Grey Cup last year, with a weaker defence and a weaker offense to boot. Loosing top receiver Ken-Yon Rambo has hurt, although the Stamps are still decent in the receiver department. Not sure if non-import running back Calvin McCarty will play for the Smos this week. Calgary's at home, but I still like Edmonton in a shootout.
Edmonton 39, Calgary 35

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Various Articles CFL

Some articles on the CFL I found interesting.

David Naylor has an article in the Globe about the resuscitation of the Saskatchewan Roughriders. According to the article, the Riders sell more merchandise than all the other CFL teams combined. Maybe the Cats can learn from the Riders. Interestingly the article says the team only makes a $1.8 million profit, but to me that seems artificially low, and kept low, by doing things like renovating an old grocery store into a player workout facility.

Stephen Brunt (who worked out at the Mac gym when I was attending) has an article in the Globe about the Labour Day game. Amusingly, he mentions the Harold Ballard Trophy, for the Ticat Argo season series. If the Cats can sweep the Argos over the next two weeks, the Trophy is ours! Brunt mentions that this game will be the highest revenue game for the Cats, something I talked about in a recent post, although I discussed how much the receipts would potentially be. Still wonder if I am underestimating the Cats take for concessions and merchandising. Those $8.75 beers have to be pretty profitable for the Cats and probably one is sold on average to each fan.

Friday, September 4, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 10, Part 1

Montreal at BC,
Until the Cats beat the Lions at home earlier this season, it had been a long time since an Eastern Standard time zone team had won in Vancouver. Montreal last won in BC in 2000, however this seems like an excellent chance for them to get a win. Montreal has looked good all year and been scarily consistent. BC on the other hand as suffered with a loss of a few key players (ie Cameron Wake) from last year and has morphed into very mediocre team. BC looked bad against Winnipeg last week, again allowing a ridiculous number of yards on the ground. I'm too lazy to see if Buck Pierce is healthy and able to start, but I'm betting the most injured player in the CFL besides Jesse Lumsden isn't. And that means Jarious Jackson starts. Jackson is OK coming in off the bench, but historically has been pathetically when handed a start. Montreal easy, even with the time zone difference.
Montreal 35, BC 21

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
Winnipeg is at least coming off their manhandling of BC last week and travels West for their traditional Prairie Labour Day matchup. The Riders lost in Montreal in their last game. Both are coming off bye weeks. Winnipeg has had a good defence all year, combined with a woeful offense. Normally adding Michael Bishop to your team won't help you offensively, but in the Bombers case, with CFL leading rusher Fred Reid, as long as the offense doesn't turn the ball over too much, things should stay close. I'll have some balls and take Winnipeg in a close one.
Bombers 29, Riders 28

Thursday, September 3, 2009


The Cats didn't win this week in the TV ratings, from Zelkovich's blog. Stamps at Argos, 346,000, slightly more than the Cats at the Eskimos, 329,000 viewers. Maybe at the end of the year, I'll do averages in viewership for each team, from the stats available. Toronto FC in tenth with 85,000, below Golden League track and field.

David Naylor's blog looks at prices for CFL tickets. Riders tickets unsurprisingly are highly valued.

Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Edmonton
3. Calgary
4. Hamilton
5. Saskatchewan
6. Winnipeg
7. BC
8. Toronto

Montreal and Edmonton are fairly easily explainable just based on their records. For Calgary, Hamilton and Saskatchewan, I based it on points for and points against. Calgary has scored way more points than they have allowed, Hamilton is pretty close to even and the Riders have allowed considerably more than have scored (in fact they have allowed the most points scored throughout the league). Winnipeg is looking better at three and five, although it looks like no Pacman for them. BC is still very mediocre and likely to miss the playoffs at this rate. Toronto I think will have a better record in the second half than in the third half, but coach Bart Andrus has to learn enough about the CFL to stop costing the Argos games.

Received a season ticket holder email, saying that over 27,500 tickets (out of a total available of 29,600 available) had been sold for the Labour Day game. I always wonder if the people in the tents beside the West endzone are included in this capacity or not? Anyways, looks likely that the game will end up sold out. Which brings up another question. How much are Labour Day game receipts worth it to the Cats? Single game tickets for Labour day are $175 for Hall of Fame, $95 for platinum, $75 for gold, $60 for silver, $50 for bronze, $30 for red, $27 for family and $25 for endzone. Obviously the season ticket contribution will be less per seat than the single and I doubt many have been sold at the group rate. Say the average ticket price per seat is $45, that's $1,332,000 for one game. Tack on another $150,000 for merchandise and concessions and that's a big chunk of the $4 million salary cap.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

D Day for Balsillie

Looks today like Jim Balsillie's dreams of bringing an NHL team to Hamilton will likely end today with Judge Redfield Baum not allowing him to bid. One can't be sure of this, although the judge would probably rather not open all the cans of worms of allowing Balsillie to take possession and move the team to Hamilton. If he was going to move the team to a non-disputed territory (like KC or the Peg) there would have been much less impetus for the judge to not allow him to bid, considering the NHL has already acknowledged the team will be moving and Ice Edge has already rented ice in Saskatchewan. Still this may not end. Balsillie may pursue an anti-trust suit against the NHL, more for the kicks of bleeding the NHL and their owners of more time and money. The domino that is the Tampa Bay franchise looks like it is falling with allegations that the one of the co-owners bought the team with money illegally taken from another business. There are still weak franchises teetering into bankruptcy as we speak, and the full pain of this recession may not be felt for NHL teams until this season is done and all the salaries have been paid out (or not paid out as the case may be).

In Cat news, it is good to see the team is already above 25,000 tickets sold for the Labour Day tilt against the double blue. Hopefully that will lead to a sellout this year (last year's attendance was an anemic 25,911), as the Cats certainly have an excellent shot of beating the Argos and are even six point favourites.The last time the Cats beat the Argos on Labour Day was 2006, 33 to 30, although they did lose the next week in Toronto 48 to 0.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pacman, Soccer

Winnipeg has apparently signed troubled cornerback Pacman Jones. Certainly there is a question whether signing such players is good for the CFL. The CFL gets play in the media south of the border, but one wonders if it is worth the likely negative publicity. As far as I know, Jones was under no current suspension, so if a team wants to sign him, they can. Can Jones get his shit together for half a CFL seasoten and help the Bombers make the playoffs? He is only 25, so at least he isn't a age washed up has been. Seems likely that he is more likely an attempt to sell tickets for a relatively poor bomber team. That said if the Bombers can win on the Labour Day weekend against the Riders, they are not in bad shape for the rest of the season.

The team behind Ottawa has applied for a USL team to play out of a renewed Frank Clair stadium. Senators owner Eugene Melnyk made some noise about getting an MSL team and government help building a stadium near his hockey arena in Kanata. The USL is probably a better fit currently for Ottawa and hopefully helps make the case for revamping Frank Clair and thus facilitating the return of an Ottawa CFL franchise. Haven't heard much about a Hamilton USL franchise lately, although when Bob Young mentioned it, it seemed to be tied in with the Pan Am stadium.