Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ticats to Burlington?

According to this Spec article, the Cats have been talking to Burlington about a possible site in Aldershot (the Cats have bandied this site about earlier). It is near the GO station, plus obviously well situated near highways. If you're coming from the Mountain via public transportation, not so hot.

At first glance, this deal seems like a longshot (like the CP site) where everything would have to go right to proceed. First Burlington would have to put in money to make it happen (Hamilton was going to contribute $45 million from the future fund, money I don't think Burlington has just lying around) and considering the current slate of politicians were elected after the pier debacle, I don't see the citizens of Burlington being very happy about it. Plus the deal would be contingent on the new site getting all the federal and provincial money earmarked for a Hamilton site. I find it difficult to believe that a Liberal premier would allow such a large chunk of money to go to a long time PC city and in the process possibly piss off a far larger city with seats potentially in play in the October election.

Bratina is quoted in this CP article about the situation. Here's one of the comments from user FS5513:

"If Bob Young wants to foot the bill the Ticats can go wherever they want but don't ask me as a Burlington taxpayer to pick up the tab for yet another foolish project in our city."

Thursday, December 23, 2010

CP Stadium Dead, Confederation Park Dead

Well the potential CP rail site died from being too expensive and now Confederation Park is pretty much dead as a potential stadium location after Bob Bratina's motion got stomped. As an aside, people complained about Fred Eisenberger being a weak mayor, but Bob might end up even weaker.

Here's the Spec story and here's the National Post story,, complete with Ticat president Scott Mitchell comments.

Personally as a season ticket holder living downtown, Confederation Park has always been my least favourite site. I'm still a fan of Ivor Wynne although obviously the Cats are not. Ivor Wynne has character, whereas an new stadium that will be built today will probably end up a soulless steel bandbox like BMO. Sure people might be excited for a couple of seasons, but then what?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Khari Jones, New Ticats Offensive Coordinator

Perry Lefko has a story on the Sportsnet site about the Cats promoting quarterbacks coach Khari Jones to offensive co-ordinator. Can Jones be successful? Obviously only time will tell, but Jones does have an advantage in having a proven starter in Kevin Glenn going into 2011 and a decent receiving corps. Last year I could barely remember Mike Gibson as the offensive co-ordinator. Jones won't have that anonymity next year.

Kavis Reed is in as the Eskimos head coach. No real predictions, but the defence will probably improve. Will the team keep Ricky Ray is probably the biggest question.

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Here's a Reddit IAMA thread from a former CFL player that's somewhat interesting. Apparently Tom Higgins is a douche.