Friday, February 18, 2011

Ticats Schedule Out

So the Ticats schedule is out, just check the Cats website. Big news, Alouettes on Labour Day and Hamilton does play Calgary on Saturday September 25th in Moncton. I wonder if the Cats still sell out Labour Day without the Argos. I'd say probably and Montreal is usually an OK draw. However if the Cats are sucking going into that game, who knows.

Apparently due to their being only eight home games rather than nine, if you're a season ticket holder you can get credit for a playoff game, or a refund if there's no playoff game. Also season ticket holders should be able to buy games for Moncton before they go on sale to the general public.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ticats Actually Sign Avon Cobourne

After some speculation the Cats have actually signed Montreal free agent running back Avon Cobourne. So I guess Cobb will end up getting released at some point as I can't see the Cats paying to have both on the roster. I've argued in the past that CFL running backs are fungible commodities and hence generally easy to replace. However Cobourne does seem to be an upgrade over Cobb, especially when actually running with the ball, where Cobb was somewhat weak last year. Sure Cobb had over 1000 yards rushing, but basically any back who starts almost every game should get that in a season. Maybe on the weekend I'll look at the stats to compare the two. Cobourne has had the advantage of playing on better teams, which probably pumped up his stats, so bear that in mind. Also I'm wondering what the Cats will have for merchandise for Cobourne? Giant tube of lipstick?

The Cats also signed Saskatchewan defensive back Daniel Francis, who I know little about, but apparently had 53 tackles last year.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Cats Lose Ramsay and Reid

The Cats lost non-imports Brian Ramsay (offensive tackle) and Jermaine Reid (defensive tackle) to Edmonton via free agency. As Drew Edwards points out in the article, Reid had four sacks in seven games last year, which is actually pretty decent. The Cats have now had two seasons at 9 and 9 and I'm wondering if the salary cap is beginning to bite unlike in previous years, when most of the Cat players were frankly crap. Ramsay and Reid weren't by any means crucial to the team, but I do wonder if cap issues were responsible for both leaving. I have no clue who the Cats have in mind as Reid's replacement (I'm also too lazy to go through the game day rosters for the last few games for 2010 to find out who it is, but he can't be that great).

Could the Cats wind up worse than 2010 and 2011? I hope not and having a competent quarterback like Kevin Glenn should prevent complete pre-2010 suckage, but who knows what can happen.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Moncton Ticat Weirdness

So the Moncton paper is pretty sure the Cats are playing one game in the city this year. That's a bit odd, because the Cats have already been selling their season ticket packages without a reduction for one less game. I'm pretty sure the Argos lowered their season ticket prices last year when a game was played in Moncton. Somewhat weirder in the article is the possibility of the Cats playing two games in Moncton this year. Haven't heard that myself, but who knows. One thing I hope is that Ticat season ticket holders are offered the chance to buy tickets for the Moncton game, because I might go.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Touchdown Atlantic 2: Electric Boogaloo Confirmed, Still No 2011 CFL Schedule

So Touchdown Atlantic 2 has been confirmed for Moncton, with no date or teams announced. No details of federal funding, but Scotiabank is the title sponsor again. Still no full CFL schedule, although one hurdle has obviously jumped.

The Spec has an article about former Ticat Bobby Kuntz passing on. Sounds like someone we could use today.

Finally wide receiver Chris Bauman signed with Edmonton and according to Drew Edwards for $125,000. Didn't really see that coming, but maybe the Eskimos didn't have as many problems with the salary cap as other teams. That's a awful lot of money, but he's still relatively young and at 6'4" is a big target.

Monday, February 7, 2011

BC Stadium Holding Up the 2011 CFL Schedule?

Apparently September 30th is now the scheduled date for BC Place to reopen and the wait for this may be a factor in holding up schedule, at least according to this Globe article. I suppose BC could want different dates and times (OK, maybe not times since BC loves night games to fuck with Eastern teams circadian rhythms) if BC Place was available. Anyways the schedule is still not here and I haven't even heard any rumours on possible games like last year. Just doesn't feel right not to be debating the merits of back to back Bomber games in early February

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where's the 2011 CFL Schedule?

I looked through some posts from last year, trying to ascertain when the 2010 CFL schedule came out, and found this one on February 1st, 2010. So now it is February 6th and still no schedule. It will probably come out this week, but I wonder if there's any holdups. The league would probably like to know if the NFL has a work stoppage this year.

For Ticats, the main concern is whether the Cats play in Moncton this year. I'm inclined to bet against that, partially because the Argos will probably still be weak attendance-wise and could use the game to boost revenues. Plus the Cats in 2013 will inevitably play at least one game and maybe more in Moncton during the rebuilding of Ivor Wynne. Although maybe the Cats play in Moncton in 2011, don't play there in 2012 and then play there again for 2013.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

No! Garrett McIntyre Signs with NY Jets

Well this isn't good news. Apparently the Cat import defensive end/tackle will sign soon with the NY Jets. McIntyre was pretty versatile in two seasons with the Cats playing inside and outside. One of my favourite players on last year's team, what I liked best about him was that he never gave up on a play, often chasing down and tackling an opposing player on the other side of the field. Suddenly the Cat line has become a lot more mediocre.

Also, what's up with the blurry photo?

Thoughts Bauman's and Gauthier's Release

The fact that wide receiver (or slotback) Chris Bauman won't play next year with the Cats isn't a surprise. He didn't gain a lot of yards on the season, but was hot for a few games at the end of the season (including five catches for 108 yards in the playoff game against the Argos), which was enough to get other teams interested in him. Certainly Bauman would have been an upgrade to the Argos last season at non-import receiver, although whether quarterback Cleo "the Party" Lemon would have used him is questionable.

Gauthier as a non-import tackle was getting older and probably a victim of Obie's "better is better" mantra. Going with two import tackles is certainly more popular recently, although I'm not always sure the use of an import spot on a second tackle is smart. We'll see what happens at camp.

Where do the Cats Play in the Rebuilding Season?

Steve Milton in the Spec has an article in the Spec about where the Cats could play during the season where Ivor Wynne is rebuilt. Playing the Labour Day game in the Rogers Centre is a good idea, although that depends on the Blue Jays not playing that weekend. Arranging a special Labour Day Go train would help. Moncton is pretty much a given and a Quebec City game at PEPS against Montreal would draw well. All these away games would cause havoc with season ticket sales though.

If a playoff game is necessary, the team has the option to buy the game from the league, but if it was played at Ron Joyce the team could just stiff the league with it and spread the pain to the other teams.