Tuesday, August 22, 2017

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 9

1. Calgary Stampeders
Beat a decent team in BC and aren't super injured.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
No longer undefeated and still with a lot of injuries. Now have John Chick which may help, although he didn't do much for Hamilton this season.

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Beat the undefeated Eskimos. At home, but still pretty good for the Bombers.

4. Toronto Argonauts
Weird, but they are 4 and 5 and hammered the Alouettes. Montreal castoffs are paying off for Jim Popp.

5. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Don't look now, but the Riders could win the cross-over spot. Could be good for East playoff attendance.

6. BC Lions
Ugh. Pummeled by the Riders. Even Hamilton lost by less.

Beat Hamilton. On the road. That's something. I guess.

8. Montreal Alouettes
Back to being crap.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Played OK for a bit. Then didn't. Then lost by double digits. That's Hamilton this year.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

2017 CFL Predicitions Week 9

Edmonton at Winnipeg
Edmonton is still hurt and the Bombers are at home. I'm sure the Bombers will find a way to screw this up, but I'll go with them anyways.
Blue Bombers 26 Eskimos 19

Ottawa at Hamilton
Crap versus crap although in Hamilton's case supercrap. This is a chance for the Ticats to win, but they are having a lot of ratio problems due to injuries on the defensive line. So Ottawa it is I guess.
REDBLACKS 28 Tiger-Cats 14

Calgary at BC
The Lions didn't look good last week against the Riders.
Stampeders 33 Lions 20

Montreal at Toronto
Alouettes. I guess.
Alouettes 29 Argonauts 11

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 8

1. Calgary Stampeders
Sure they don't have the best record, but they're somewhat healthy.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Undefeated, really injured. Doesn't seem to matter too much.

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Stomped Hamilton on the road. Given that it is Hamilton, not such a big deal.

4. BC Lions
Sure they lost bad to the Riders, but that will happen from time to time.

5. Saskatchewan Roughriders
A healthy beating of BC and the Riders are better than any East team.

6. Montreal Alouettes
Sure they're beating Eastern teams, but to be king of the East, that's all you need. Sad.

Odd to see the Grey Cup champs so low, but they'll win a game sooner or later.

8. Toronto Argonauts
Is Ricky Ray healthy or not?

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Total dumpster fire. Now with injury and riot problem goodness.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 8

Edmonton at REDBLACKS
Sure the Eskimos are undefeated, but they are still pretty injured and the REDBLACKS are are home. Ottawa isn't that bad a team so the West will lose to the East. Maybe.
REDBLACKS 29 Eskimos 26

Toronto at Montreal
A Eastern conference marquee matchup! Ugh. Probably no Ricky Ray and the Alouettes are at home. Tabernac!
Alouettes 24 Argonauts 22

Winnipeg at Hamilton
Can Hamilton win a game? Can they win a game at home? Can they beat a Western team? If this were not at home I would say no, but why not. The Cats aren't bad enough to go winless. A lot of losses sure, but not winless.
Tiger-Cats 28 Blue Bombers 25

BC at Saskatchewan
BC is the better team including last week in Vancouver. The Riders are home and traditionally in the CFL it is hard for teams to win back to back games. So maybe the Riders get lucky.
Roughriders 33 Lions 25

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 7

1. Calgary Stampeders
Beat the Argos easily on the road. Sure they don't have the best record, but they're the best team.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Ended up beating the Cats at home but it came down to the last play and the Ticats not having a timeout left. Still winning with a ridiculous number of injuries.

3. BC Lions
Lions kicking ass with Lulay. Sure it was only the Riders, but still they're winning.

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Continuing the dominance of the West over the East, a nice victory on the road against the REDBLACKS. Can the Bombers beat a decent West team? Probably not. Cross-over here they come.

Sure their record is abysmal, but they aren't that bad. They'll win sometime. Probably against Hamilton.

6. Saskatchewan Roughriders
The worst of the Western teams. Still better than most of the Eastern teams. Sad.

7. Montreal Alouettes
Didn't play. Had to help with their health so that's something way down the list.

8. Toronto Argonauts
Better than Hamilton against Calgary.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Shuffling the coaching ranks and still losing although not that bad. When will the Cats win their first game? Who knows.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 7

Calgary at Toronto
The Argos are at home, but let's face it the Stamps are a way better team. The Argos probably won't be as embarrassing as the Ticats last week.
Stampeders 40 Argonauts 32

Winnipeg at Ottawa
Call me crazy, but I think the REDBLACKS bounce back at home and get win.
REDBLACKS 24 Blue Bombers 23

Hamilton at Edmonton
Will the Ticats lose by 59 points again? No. They won't win though.
Eskimos 39 Ticats 19

Saskatchewan at BC
Lions are better and are at home.
Lions 33 Roughriders 29

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 6

1. Calgary Stampeders
Destroyed Hamilton last week at home. Got to rest some starters in the second half.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Still undefeated. And Mike Reilly still healthy.

3. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Impressive comeback that only happens in the CFL.

4. BC Lions
Good but not great.

5. Montreal Alouettes
They really should have beat Winnipeg. Great defense.

I'm starting to think the REDBLACKS aren't very good this year after losing to Toronto.

7. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Beat the Argos handily at home. The Riders aren't the bottom of the barrel anymore.

8. Toronto Argonauts
Actually not that bad for the eighth best team.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Terrible team.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 6

Montreal at Winnipeg
This is one of those games that you figure the home team will win. Montreal did beat Calgary so they are capable of playing well. Winnipeg is Winnipeg so who knows what will happen. I'll pick Winnipeg, but I'm sure they'll disappoint me.
Blue Bombers 29 Alouettes 27

BC at Edmonton
A 4 and 1 team against a 4 and 0 team. Edmonton is at home but BC has Travis Lulay. Edmonton is at home and Mike Reilly is healthy so go Eskimos.
Eskimos 28 Lions 21

Toronto at Saskatchewan
The Riders are at home, but Toronto is coming off a Monday win against the REDBLACKS. Of course this game is Saturday, which is pretty short rest. The Riders will probably get their second win.
Roughriders 23 Argonauts 19

Hamilton at Calgary
Sure the Ticats will get their first win on the road in Calgary. Stranger things have happened in the CFL.
Stampeders 39 Tiger-Cats 28

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 5

1. Calgary Stampeders
Stomped the Riders in Riderville. Sure they lost once to Montreal, but flukey things happen in the CFL.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Still undefeated, but they were very close to losing to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, albeit on the road.

3. BC Lions
Ginger Jesus aka Travis Lulay has taken over as quarterback and running wild. He's not that old by CFL quarterback terms and played sparingly last year. Quarterback controversy brewing?

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Lost to the Lions on the road. But it was close! And the could have won. Cross-over spot in the Bombers future it looks like

5. Toronto Argonauts
After beating Ottawa at home, one can't argue that the Argos, with Ray, Trestman and Popp are the kings of the East. For whatever that is worth. Picking up almost over the hill players on the cheap like Bear Woods has worked out well.

Their record doesn't indicate it, but they aren't a bad team despite losing to Toronto on the road. They'll probably make the playoffs by the end of the year.

7. Montreal Alouettes
They had a bye week so that's something.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Trounced by Calgary and at home. At this rate the Riders won't be crossing over.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
The team played well against Edmonton, then a player goes down late in the secondary and the Ticats can't stop the Eskimos for driving for a game winning score. Still winless. Sad.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 5

Montreal at Ottawa
A rare Wednesday night game in the CFL. Why? Who knows? Ottawa seems to be able to lose close games with regularity. They are at home though, so that's something. I'm picking Ottawa to get off the schneid in terms of wins. Sure Montreal beat Calgary last week, but I think that was a fluke.
REDBLACKS 27 Alouettes 25

Edmonton at Hamilton
The Ticats played well for a while on Saturday night against BC, then sucked and their secondary got torched yet again. And now they're playing on short rest against an undefeated team and Mike Reilly isn't hurt. That's not good.
Eskimos 35 Tiger-Cats 19

Winnipeg at BC
Will Jennings play after getting hurt? Should he play instead of Travis Lulay? Again who knows. BC wins at home though.
Lions 28 Blue Bombers 23

Saskatchewan at Calgary
Yes the Stamps loss last week, but that doesn't matter. The Riders are still meh, close practices be damned.
Stampeders 39 Roughriders 32

Ottawa at Toronto
Apparently this Monday game is considered week 5 by the CFL. Even though the Argos are sharing a stadium for TFC, couldn't they get a better date? Ottawa is on extremely short rest, so watch them lose a close one to the Argos.
Toronto 21 REDBLACKS 20

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 4

1. Calgary Stampeders
Sure they lost in Montreal but I'm still keeping them number one.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Undefeated but they beat the REDBLACKS by only two points at home.

3. BC Lions
Hamilton isn't much of a test, but the Lions now have a quarterback controversy with Travis Lulay coming off the bench and passing for over 400 yards.

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
The Bombers beat the Argos at home. That's something.

This team can't stop losing close games. Bizarre. But they're in the East so I'm sure they'll make the playoffs.

6. Montreal Alouettes
Beating Calgary is impressive, although strikes me as a little flukey.

7. Toronto Argonauts
Still have two wins. Not a lot of fans willing to pay to be in the stadium but two wins.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Bye week so no injuries.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Embarrassed at home by the Lions and now zero wins and three losses. Starting to look like a forgotten season.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 4

Toronto at Winnipeg
At the start of year, the West seems better than the East in the CFL (as it often seems to be). Also the Argos are on the road. I think it is pretty safe to pick the Bombers at home.
Blue Bombers 26 Argonauts 22

Calgary at Montreal
Can the Alouettes stop the Stampeder freight train. No.
Stampeders 39 Alouettes 19

Ottawa at Edmonton
East versus West. West at home. Ottawa seems snake bit this year. So I could see them losing on the road.
Eskimos 27 REDBLACKS 24

BC at Hamilton
As a Hamilton fan, this hasn't been a great start to the season. One hoped the secondary would be improved this year, but it seems to be worse. Whether Collaros just doesn't have it anymore or the offensive line is just that bad, is unknown, but either scenario is bad for the Cats. Jennings has had a reasonable start to the season, so even though they are three times zones off, the Lions are currently the better team.
Lions 35 Tiger-Cats 22

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 3

1. Calgary Stampeders
Calgary just keeps winning, with an easy victory over the Bombers on the road.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
A bye week, which is a plus since Mike Reilly can't get injured.

3. BC Lions
Jennings is looking good at quarterback for the Lions.

4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
The Bombers were doing well until sucking at home against Calgary. Still they aren't bad.

Sure they only have a point, but they aren't that bad. Weird to lose to the Argos though.

6. Toronto Argonauts
They've won twice. Not many fans going to BMO, but they have Popp, Trestman and Ray and as long as Ray doesn't implode from a sack there are worse teams out there.

7. Montreal Alouettes
Kept it within a TD of BC. That's something I guess.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Beat Hamilton at home easily. Still need to see more.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Porous secondary and offensive line. Not a good combo.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 3

BC at Montreal
Montreal isn't great and on a neutral field I would probably take BC. Actually even in Montreal I'll take BC.
Lions 25 Alouettes 22

Calgary at Winnipeg
Call me crazy, but I think the Bombers will actually win this at home. The Stamps are good this year but not unbeatable.
Blue Bombers 30 Stampeders 29

Toronto at Ottawa
The Argonauts are not very good, while Ottawa is looking decent and is at home.
REDBLACKS 28 Argonauts 22

Hamilton at Saskatchewan
In 2017 should Collaros be able to beat Glenn? One would think so, however Hamilton has been hit by the injury bug and their offensive line and secondary are terrible. Still I think Hamilton has a shot.
Tiger-Cats 20 Roughriders 19

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 2

1. Calgary Stampeders
Calgary just keeps not losing. Although an injuryto Charleston Hughes isn't good.

The REDBLACKS deserve more than a point out of the first two games.

3. Edmonton Eskimos
Two wins against meh opponents. Mike Reilly is still healthy though.

4. BC Lions
West is looking strong this year so BC ranks high with a 500 record. Plus Buono.

5. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Didn't look good early against the Riders, but they came back in Regina on Canada Day.

6. Toronto Argonauts
The Argonauts aren't really good, but the East is looking weak again and Ricky Ray is healthy.

7. Montreal Alouettes
Also the Alouettes aren't good.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Could have won a game last week, but ultimately didn't. So much for Chris Jones.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Porous offensive line and porous secondary. Not a good combo. Collaros still healthy for now.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 2

Ottawa at Calgary
The Stamps at home are too much, even though Ottawa is looking decent this season.
Stampeders 29 REDBLACKS 24

BC at Toronto
The Argonauts are looking good. Not many paying fans, but you can't have everything. BC I'm meh about this year.
Argonauts 26 Lions 19

Montreal at Edmonton
Alouettes won last week at home versus the Riders but on the road versus Edmonton is totally different and a loss.
Eskimos 33 Alouettes 19

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
The Riders are at home and the Bombers haven't played a regular season game yet. The Riders have to show my they can win before I pick them.
Blue Bombers 21 Rough Riders 19

2017 CFL Week 1 Power Rankings

1. Calgary Stampeders
Tied Ottawa away. Calgary still looking good.

Wasn't sure that Ottawa still had it after winning the Grey Cup last year. But tying Calgary at home is a good sign.

3. Edmonton Eskimos
Beat BC in BC. Mike Reilly unhurt.

4. BC Lions
It was close against the Eskimos. And they still have Wally Buono as coach.

5. Toronto Argonauts
Looked excellent at home versus Hamilton. Hiring Trestman and Popp seems to have worked out for Toronto. Ricky Ray unhurt.

6. Montreal Alouettes
Not really sure about Montreal but they beat the Riders, so that's something.

7. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Didn't play so not a lot to go on.

8. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Still losing in 2017. But it was close.

9. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Looked awful and had some critical injuries like Tolliver out for the season. Collaros unhurt.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

2017 CFL Week 1 Predictions

Saskatchewan at Montreal
Bit of a dud for the first game of the season. Uh the Alouettes maybe?
Alouettes 12 Riders 11

Calgary at Ottawa
I think the Stamps win the rematch. Ottawa lost a lot over the off-season
Stampeders 29 REDBLACKS 22

Edmonton at BC
BC just tends to win at home.
Lions 24 Eskimos 19

Hamilton at Toronto
With Collaros healthy, there's a lot of receiver weapons for Hamilton. Defence should be OK.
Tiger-Cats 22 Argonauts 18

2017 CFL Power Rankings Week 0

1. Calgary Stampeders
They still have Bo Levi Mitchell.

2. Edmonton Eskimos
Mike Reilly is still healthy at this point.

3. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Zach Collaros is also healthy at this point.

4. BC Lions
Wally Buono as coach just always seems to have a decent team.

Sure they won last year. Is Trevor Harris good? Not exactly sure.

6. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Probably not last this year.

7.Toronto Argonauts
Ricky Ray might be healthy at this point. Trestmant is probably good for a few victories.

8. Montreal Alouettes
Darian Durant. Really?

9. Saskatchewan Roughriders
Bad times in Riderville