Sunday, March 6, 2016

What's Up With The Ticats 50% March Season Ticket Sale?

The Ticats have released a season ticket sale for March: "you can sit between the 50 yard lines for 50% off with half-price season seats." As a season ticket holder that seems a little strange and makes me wonder how season ticket sales are doing this year. Looking at the ticket master site, this appears to be seats on the second level of the less desirable East side, with the lowest cost being $489 compared $715 for "new season", which doesn't really seem to me to be a 50% discount.

I suppose it applies to a pretty limited area of the stadium with what seems to be me to be a pretty steep list price, so I guess as someone who bought somewhere else it isn't that big a deal. Still the optics to existing season tickets holders seems a little off-putting.