Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Year

Well it has been a while, but a new year begins and hope springs eternal. I said before the start of last season's campaign that we would have to be better than the 3 and 15 of 2007, but apparently we weren't. I'd have to same the same thing this year, but I'm a little gun shy.

In a bit of sad news, Jesse Lumsden signed with Edmonton. As I once said about Cam Neely near the end of his oft injured career to a friend who was a Bruins fan, "Great, they won't have Cam Neely to not play for them anymore." The Eskimos have a decent Canadian running back, so maybe they can platoon them and keep him from getting injured too much. Plus Ricky Ray really likes to throw so, who knows maybe Lumsden can play in 14+ games this year. We'll see. In any case, the Cats had to move on.

The Argos traded for Zeke Moreno. Not sure what to think of that one, although I'll be disappointed if they hammer Hamilton with him this year.

And Casey Printers gets the heave ho out of the hammer. Making too much money for too little performance. Certainly has shown more than the other quarterbacks for the Cats last year.