Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tonight versus the Stampeders

Unfortunately, Jesse Lumsden is out for this game. Tre Smith has looked good so far (including one play in last week's game where he was tossed by a defender, managed to stay on his feet and turned a loss into a big game). I'm a little concerned that he is a big run or nothing type of runner. Lumsden even if he was met at the line often grinded out three yards. I'm worried that Smith might have some zero yard runs on first down. Terry Caulley will see his first action as well. He was a capable back last year, but I think he is an average CFL RB, which are a dime a dozen. The run game will be hurt by Lumsden's absence in addition due to the need for another Canadian on the line, so Cavka comes out and Dyakowski comes in at guard.

Printers will need to have a big game if the Cats are going to have any chance of winning. Printers will need to use his legs for some first downs to allow the Cats offence to stay on the field. Bauman and the other receivers will have to continue their positive work last week. Hopefully an import receiver will step up, but I have my doubts. The Cats can't afford two and outs versus Calgary's high powered offence.

On defence the Cats are in tough. They will need to pressure Burris if they have any hope of winning. They will need to stop Joffrey Reynolds, preferrably limiting his first down yards and then stop second and long. The Cats beat Burris last year, so there's always a chance. If the Cats get the lead, they will need to keep the pressure up, unlike Montreal last week.

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