Friday, August 29, 2008

Assorted Ramblings

I just watched the last third of the Lions Alouettes game and I was shocked that Lions QB Buck Pierce (who has my infamous stamp of brittleness) was able to make it through the entire game, including a nice drive at the end. Of course the Lions managed to botch numerous tries on the one to get the winning TD as time expired, with some mediocre play calling. The Cats have the Lions at home after the Labour Day game. Perhaps if the Cats can get the brooms out, sweep the Argos, and then follow it up with a another win. One can dream.

In the Spec today, Steve Milton says that Printers, Lumsden and guard George Hudson will all play. I would expect Lumsden to play somewhat sparingly, with Terry Caulley getting plently of reps. With Hudson back, the ratio situation should settle down. I'm curious to see who of the three import offensive linemen will start: Jonta Woodard, Charles Thomas or Marko Cavka. I would prefer Woodard sit as he doesn't seem to have it anymore. Whether he ever did is a question. Safety Sandy Beveridge and cornerback Rontarius Robinson are injure however. Beveridge being injured isn't that big a deal, however losing Robinson hurts.

Still no word on the Cats' eighth overall pick Samuel Giguerre and whether he will stick in Indianapolis. The Cats could at least use him on special teams.

Finally, there's been a lot of talk of what city should be the next CFL expansion team after Ottawa hopefully comes back. There's talk of Quebec, Halifax and even Moncton or London. Let me suggest St. John's. I'm sure they have no stadium and probably no real football tradition, however with all that Hebron money starting to come in, Danny Williams can probably afford to build a BMO style stadium on the cheap. A team in St. John's could end up like the Saskatchewan Roughriders with a lot of community support and not a lot of other entertainment options. Sure the population of Newfoundland is only 508,000 and St. John's only has 118.000 inhabitants in its census metropolitan area, but a 27,000 stadium could be succesful. A Grey Cup in St. John's would be amazing. I think I'll email Mark Cohon.

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