Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Longest CFL Field Goal, Longest Ticat CFL Field Goal

After Justin Medlock booted a 57 yard field goal in Montreal on Sunday to tie the Ticat record (also apparently held by Bernie Ruoff and Paul Osbaldiston according to this article) for longest field goal and Oakland Raiders kicker Sebastian Janikowski kicked a 63 yard field goal to tie the NFL record for longest field goal at Denver's Mile High Stadium (which has a sponsor, but since I get no revenue I'm not naming them) I was curious about the CFL records. Current BC kicker Paul McCallum had a 62 yard field goal for Saskatchewan against Edmonton on October 27, 2001 for 62 yards. Three kickers have kicked 67 yard field goals in the NCAA, I'm not sure of the CIS record, but I should look it up.

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