Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cobourne, Rottier and Mullinder Released

Well after yesterdays post about signing Martell Mallett, the Cats released running back Avon Cobourne. Not a surprise. Age and cash. Hopefully Mallett can do something, Terry Grant comes back from injury or the Cats find a running back in training camp. As Tigercatatonia always says import running backs are pretty fungible.

Guard Simeon Rottier was released since he wants to go back to Edmonton. Too bad the Cats draft him, becomes decent, then goes home to Mommy. He's only a guard though, so hopefully the Cats can take the money they would have paid Rottier and pick up a satisfactory guard in free agent market.

Defensive tackle Luc Mullinder was pretty much a rent a body at the end of the year. A lot of how the defensive line will shake out depends on where end Justin Hickman goes. Plus who emerges at training camp.

The Cats now have some cash to spend during the free agency period. Generally I feel that you pay over the odds for free agents in the CFL, but you can always release them if necessary. No sentimentality in football.

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