Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cats Release Quinton Porter

Just saw on Twitter that the Cats have released Quinton Porter. Clearly the Cats lost confidence in him and he was probably going to be paid higher on the wage scale for a backup. Plus he barely played last year, with quarterback Henry Burris taking almost all the snaps en route to a last place 6 and 10 record.

Going forward, Burris is certainly not young, although not particularly injury prone either. The Cats may be OK this year, but in 2014 and the return to Ivor Wynne (or whatever it is called) things could be more problematic if the Cats haven't identified another quarterback that can start and not suck.

I'll probably say more about Porter in another post, but the now departed George Cortez' decision to almost never play Porter meant the Cats evaluation of him would not be ideal.

Where will Porter end up? Winnipeg could be a possibility, considering how often Buck Pierce is injured.

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