Saturday, February 23, 2013

Where's the 2013 CFL Schedule? And TD Atlantic

I was just looking at the official CFL twitter feed and apparently the release of the schedule is imminent, although later than last year. Obviously the Cats playing most games in Guelph, is confusing things, as well as where the other games would be. The feed also said another TD Atlantic is being considered. Frankly with the Cats forced on the road this year, the Cats having another home game in Moncton is a no-brainer. The Cats probably get more revenue than for one Guelph game, plus it builds the fan base out East and lays more ground for an eventual team on the East Coast.

What about a game in London or Quebec City? I wouldn't mind either of those, although with games in Guelph I'm doubting there will be any in London.

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