Friday, April 12, 2013

Thoughts on the 2013 Ticats Schedule

Long time no post I know, but I'll try and do something at least weekly during the off-season.

Obviously the Ticats are in Guelph this year which is weird. The Cats start in Toronto on the road which is good for the local fans to easily get too, although the Rogers Centre sucks as a football venue.

That's followed up by two home games in Guelph. Hopefully the Cats don't fall flat the first few games, as they'll need a decent team to fill up in Guelph.

There's no Labour Day game which is sad considering the history. Stranger still that weekend they are playing in BC on the Saturday, obviously not a natural rival. At least BC gets a home game on the Labour Day weekend.

Another Moncton game in September this time against an East opponent in Montreal. I assume the league is hoping for some Alouettes fans to make the journey to New Brunswick. I'm not sure how many Cats fans they will get after just two season from their last appearance in the bilingual province.

The season finishes with five division battles in the row, which could be quite interesting if the playoff race is close, or just depressing if the Cats follow up last year with another honking season.

How will the Cats do attendance wise in Guelph? I have no idea. Will people from Guelph support the team? I again have no idea. Will people from Hamilton make the journey? Yet again, no idea.

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