Monday, December 16, 2013

Tiger-Cats Lose Fullback John Delahunt in Second Round Red Blacks Expansion

The Cats lost Delahunt in the second round in the non-import round, which hurts a bit. However the Cats were far more likely to go with five receivers except on short yardage situations, so fullback wasn't a critical part of the Ticats offense.

Still Delahunt was decent and while they still have Diedrick (unless he's a free agent, I can't remember) although Diedrick is pretty crotchety. Delahunt was also an OK receiver when the time came (and it didn't come particularly often). Maybe the Cats draft somebody new, but for Ottawa a really good pick.

Other noteworthies in the second round were Saskatchewan's defensive lineman Shologan and Argo offensive lineman Joe Eppelle (ouch). Weirdly Ottawa took three fullbacks in the round. Trade bait perhaps? No receivers though. Maybe all the teams protected their decent non-import receivers and left their fullbacks open.

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