Wednesday, December 24, 2014

When Does the 2015 CFL Schedule Come Out?

Sure it still is 2014, but that isn't to early to start wondering when the 2015 schedule comes out. Last year the schedule came out somewhat early, coming out on February 12th. That seems strange considering both Hamilton and Ottawa had stadiums that would not be ready initially (and in Hamilton's case we all know it wasn't ready until Labour Day) and that meant planning the schedule  should have been more difficult than normal.

This year with Tim Horton's Field and TD Place done, scheduling should become significantly easier. Hamilton can have a game whenever they want now and Ottawa I suppose has to work with their soccer team, although I'm guessing the REDBLACKS have priority. Montreal has some limitations in that games at Percival Molson Stadium have to be on Sundays when McGill is in session, but they can have a game pretty much every week if they want.

The main problem for CFL scheduling is the Toronto Argonauts at the Rogers Centre and having to work around the Blue Jays and whatever other road blocks Rogers puts in the team's way. The 2015 Toronto Blue Jays schedule has been out for a while now. The Jays are away from July 3rd to the 12th, so having the home opener then looks plausible. The Jays are also away for the Friday after Labour Day, so the Ticats and Argos could potentially have a home and home. The last Jays regular season home game is on Sunday September 27th.

Strangely the schedule was released really late in 2013, only coming out around March 5th. In 2012 it was on February 18th. It was also February 18th in 2011.

So a good prediction might be February 12th this year, or maybe a couple of days earlier since the stadiums are all ready.

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