Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hamilton Tiger-Cats Sign Argo Receiver Spence Watt At The Start Of Free Agency, Probably Bye Bye to Giguere

Well it looks extremely unlikely that the Cats will resign non-import receiver Samuel Giguere with the free agent signing of Spencer Watt.

Watt had 35 catches for 356 yards in 2014 for the Argos, his fifth year with the team and in the CFL. He also had three TDs.

Will the Ticats play two Canadian starting receivers with five and six receiver sets with Watt? I think so, pairing him with fellow Canuck Andy Fantuz. That leaves space for three or four import receivers in those situations with one also being recently resigned Luke Tasker and also Brandon Banks. In four receiver sets with a fullback, Watt likely comes out for Prime.

One danger is what do the Cats do when Fantuz is injured. The Cats offense was actually decent with Giguere in for Fantuz. After Fantuz and Watt, the Cats are pretty thin at Canadian receiver (although most team's third non-import receiver is quite mediocre).

With the Cats likely playing with three Canadian offensive linemen with Dyakowski returning, that would mean the Cats would be playing five Canadian starters on offense. Considering the Ticats Canadian defensive line strength, the Ticats are well set for Canadian talent next year.

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