Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March 2015 CFL Power Rankings

It is the last day of March and I'm getting around to doing the power rankings for this month. Not a lot has changed. The Ticats resigned receiver Bakari Grant at a salary advantageous to the team which I definitely think is a positive for them. And I don't have a lot else. Naming a commissioner I don't think should affect the power rankings.

1. Calgary Stampeders
They won the Grey Cup and have Bo Levi Mitchell signed long term. They have lost some players, but they still have talent.

2. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
With the signing of Bakari Grant the Cats again have a solid receiving corps going into a second season with Zach Collaros. Sure they lost Greg Ellingson to Ottawa (who I do like) but he wasn't really starting last year anyways. The Cats did sign Nic Grigsby to go along with C.J. Gable at running back so the Cats are likely set on offense over all, even if Gable gets injured again.

The Cats did lose their best corner in Breaux to the New Orleans Saints, but they have a lot of Canadian talent on defence and could potentially start four Canadians. That's some solid depth.

3. Edmonton Eskimos
I'm assuming Mike Reilly is healthy at the start of the year.The Eskimos were a great team in the first half of 2014 and not particularly great in the second half. I think Edmonton should be good this year as well, but they will depend on Reilly and more importantly depend on him not getting injured. That last part I'm not that sure about.

4. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Again I'm assuming that a starting quarterback is back and healthy. I like Durant and I like Saskatchewan's commitment to the run. I like Dressler and the Rider defence. We'll see how these all hold out. Probably not enough for delusional Rider fans.

5. BC Lions
So Travis Lulay is coming back? I don't doubt it is possible, but he is just as likely to blow out his shoulder signing autographs. There's talent on this team, but too many question marks. Like how well Andrew Harris plays.

6. Montreal Alouettes
Well they don't have receiver Duron Carter any more (and we don't have to listen to Rod Black pointing out who his father is constantly which is good for non-Montreal CFL fans). I've never really been on the bandwagon of Jonathon Crompton; to me his stats are a bit sucky. However the Alouettes have a good defence. And they have signed Dan LeFevour as a backup quarterback, which I think is good.

7. Toronto Argonauts
They still have Ricky Ray and Chad Owens which helps. Honestly, the Argos need to be sold and moved to BMO as soon as possible. I think that would help their team record a lot.

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
They could surprise like they did the first six games of last year. Or suck like the last 12. Considering I have them second last, you can guess who I think the real Bombers are.

Way better receivers, but they still have Henry Burris as the starter. I think the REDBLACKS will definitely win more than 2 games this year, but even five more wins puts them at only seven wins. Still I don't think it is inconceivable that if everything broke their way they could get an even win loss season (that may or may not include a lot of other teams losing their starting quarterbacks for extended periods of time).

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