Friday, July 1, 2016

2016 BC at Hamilton Depth Chart Analysis

The big news is that Canadian defensive tackle Ted Laurent is back for the home opener tonight against BC.

As last week, the Cats go with two American offensive tackles Simmons and Lewis. Canadians Dyakoski and Bomben are the guards and Filer the centre. So that's three Canadian starters out of the seven required on the offensive line.

Wideouts are Underwood and the Canadian Spencer Watt. Slots are Tasker, Owens, and Fantuz, another Canadian. Starting running back is C.J Gable and the Canadian fullback Prime. My assumption is that with four receiver sets with Prime in as fullback, then only one Canadian receiver will be in usually. So that's always two Canadian starters for the receivers and fullbacks, for five total on offense.

Masoli starts at quarterback, with Maher kicking and punting.

On the defensive line, Chick and Tracy are the ends, with the aforementioned Laurent as one of the tackles and Nevis as the other.

The linebackers are Lawrence, Dean and Rico Murray. Corners are Tisdale and Pointer. Defensive halfbacks are Sears Jr. and Lewis. The Canadian Stephen is the starting safety, so that's two Canadian starters on defence.

Very little change from last week's starting lineup against Toronto.

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