Thursday, August 11, 2016

2016 CFL Predictions Week 8

Montreal at Edmonton
Both teams have not been very good of late. Montreal isn't really surprising, while Edmonton is the defending Grey Cup champion. Despite the CFL weirdly being a road team biased league this year, one has to think that the Eskimos will regress upwards towards the mean here and win at home.
Eskimos 31 Alouettes 19

Winnipeg at Toronto
Not really sure on this one. Toronto has been decent all year, while the Bombers have suddenly turned things around with backup quarterback Matt Nichols taking over from Drew Willy in a bit of a desperation move for Bomber coach Mike O'Shea. The Argos don't have Ricky Ray in their lineup, so I'll go with the improbability of a Bomber road win.
Blue Bombers 25 Argonauts 22

Calgary at Saskatchewan
Despite being a road game for the Stamps, this looks like a gimme for Calgary. That was before Stamps quarterback Bo Levi Mitchell (abbreviated as BLM somewhat confusingly) took to Twitter to accuse the sadsack rebuilding Riders of having a secretly funded blackops practice squad. Rider fans are now mad, but I don't think it changes the result.
Stampeders 40 Riders 18

Hamilton at BC
Traditionally Eastern Time Zone teams in the CFL have done poorly in BC which always seems to schedule evening games. The Cats have managed to go 3 and 3 with Jeremiah Masoli as the pivot, but now the appointed one, Zach Collaros is back and looking to light up the scoreboard (and actually throw running back C.J. Gable some passes). Collaros is coming off ACL surgery and will likely be somewhat rusty, plus the Lions are at home and Lion quarterback Jonathon Jennings has been good this year. So Lions.
Lions 29 Tiger-Cats 23

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