Thursday, June 29, 2017

2017 CFL Predictions Week 2

Ottawa at Calgary
The Stamps at home are too much, even though Ottawa is looking decent this season.
Stampeders 29 REDBLACKS 24

BC at Toronto
The Argonauts are looking good. Not many paying fans, but you can't have everything. BC I'm meh about this year.
Argonauts 26 Lions 19

Montreal at Edmonton
Alouettes won last week at home versus the Riders but on the road versus Edmonton is totally different and a loss.
Eskimos 33 Alouettes 19

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
The Riders are at home and the Bombers haven't played a regular season game yet. The Riders have to show my they can win before I pick them.
Blue Bombers 21 Rough Riders 19

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