Sunday, November 14, 2010

End of Regular Season Power Rankings

1. Calgary
You can't really argue with a 13 and 5 team that was relatively hot down the stretch and has both a good offense and defence. Odds on favourite for to take the Grey Cup.
2. Montreal
Finished 12 and 6, but a little weak down the stretch when it didn't matter. Lost last week to the Argos, but they rested pretty much everyone apart from the long snapper. Heavy on playoff experience.
3. Saskatchewan
Somewhat shaky down the stretch, but they managed to beat the Eskimos last week where a win would have put Edmonton in the playoffs. Hurt by injuries of late and a bad road record at 3 and 6.
4. Hamilton
Up and down over the last part of the season. Lost a close one last week against a BC team that had to win. Some injuries, where earlier in the season they were remarkably healthy. Above average offense and defence.
5. BC
Went 7 and 3 over the last ten games. Won on the road when they had to last week. Quarterback Travis Lulay seems to be developing OK. Good road record.
6. Toronto
Good defence and special teams. Bad offense, bad starting quarterback in Cleo "the Party" Lemon. Better than one would expect from last year's team.
7. Edmonton
Terrible at the start, mediocre at the end of the season.
8. Winnipeg
Can things get worse than having Michael Kelly as your coach. The Bombers proved that last year.

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