Monday, November 1, 2010

CFL Power Rankings, Week 18

1. Calgary
After their dismantling of a hot Ticat team, with at least up until this game, a great defence, the Stampeders have to be considered the best team in the CFL. Especially considering the Hamilton game didn't really mean much.
2. Montreal
The game didn't mean much, but they managed to come from behind and beat the Argos in Hogtown. Still a last second victory over a Cleo "the Party" Lemon quarterbacked team isn't really saying a lot.
3. Hamilton
Sure they got spanked by Calgary, but the Cats are still relatively hot.
4. Saskatchewan
Losing again, to a BC team at home that needed to win. Still a good team, but definitely second tier now and whereas before they were pretty much a lock to win their home playoff date, things don't look so sure now.
5. Toronto
Had chances to beat the Alouettes at home and keep their home playoff spot alive. Somehow managed to be ahead until Cleo Lemon starts sucking. Bizarre how such a bad offence can still be 8 and 9.
6. BC
Beat a relatively good team in Saskatchewan. Still a mediocre team with a crappy home record.
7. Edmonton
Beat a bad Bomber team in overtime. Sure they control their own destiny, but if against BC this week I wouldn't bet on them.
8. Winnipeg
Worse than last year's Mike Kelly coached team. Ouch.

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