Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Touchdown Atlantic 2: Electric Boogaloo Confirmed, Still No 2011 CFL Schedule

So Touchdown Atlantic 2 has been confirmed for Moncton, with no date or teams announced. No details of federal funding, but Scotiabank is the title sponsor again. Still no full CFL schedule, although one hurdle has obviously jumped.

The Spec has an article about former Ticat Bobby Kuntz passing on. Sounds like someone we could use today.

Finally wide receiver Chris Bauman signed with Edmonton and according to Drew Edwards for $125,000. Didn't really see that coming, but maybe the Eskimos didn't have as many problems with the salary cap as other teams. That's a awful lot of money, but he's still relatively young and at 6'4" is a big target.


M@ said...

I have a pretty strong feeling we're going to regret giving up Bauman. Not that there was a good reason for the Cats to keep him, but if Carter or MacKay have a bad season -- or Bauman has a breakout season -- we're going to look like idiots.

If Porter had kept the starting spot I think Bauman would have much better numbers. He just didn't seem to click with Glenn. Well, good luck to him.

Jorge said...

You could be right. Edmonton will probably feature him ahead of Kamau Peterson as their number one non-import receiver. Does Ricky Ray still have anything in the tank though, as him sucking could affect Bauman's numbers.