Sunday, February 6, 2011

Where's the 2011 CFL Schedule?

I looked through some posts from last year, trying to ascertain when the 2010 CFL schedule came out, and found this one on February 1st, 2010. So now it is February 6th and still no schedule. It will probably come out this week, but I wonder if there's any holdups. The league would probably like to know if the NFL has a work stoppage this year.

For Ticats, the main concern is whether the Cats play in Moncton this year. I'm inclined to bet against that, partially because the Argos will probably still be weak attendance-wise and could use the game to boost revenues. Plus the Cats in 2013 will inevitably play at least one game and maybe more in Moncton during the rebuilding of Ivor Wynne. Although maybe the Cats play in Moncton in 2011, don't play there in 2012 and then play there again for 2013.

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