Friday, May 27, 2011

Backyardigans, Ticats, Ivor Wynne

One issue I've always had with Hamilton Bulldog games is how they cater a little too much to little kids. Endless idiots skating around after whistles leaving my wishing I was on the catwalk with a sniper rifle. I realize that families are the Bulldogs bread and butter, but they do drive away people that are just there for the hockey or the fights.

So the fact that the Backyardigans will be on Balsam for the family day game on Canada Day is about appealing to me as the Cats suddenly signing Kevin Maas as a backup quarterback. I realize that the Backyardigans are playing at Brian Timmis (not Timmons!) so you go can straight from drinking cheap pints of 50 at the Prince Eddie and directly to the North gates and avoid any contact with toddler oriented entertainers. Plus I'll be in New Zealand for that game so the Cats can have a telethon of kid orientated activities for all I care.

Still though, these promotions are OK, but the focus should be on the football. That's the reason people come game after game, rather than for a oneoff for a kids show, where some of the kids inevitably get bored during the actual game, running around creating chaos.

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