Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sandro DeAngelis Performance Analysis

After the release yesterday of Ticat kicker Sandro DeAngelis, how bad was his performance last year for the Ticats compared to his Stampeder years? From 2005 to 2009 his field goal completion percentages were76.9, 86.2, 83.3, 86.2, and 85.7. Last year for the Cats, his completion percentage was 76.2, which was a big drop back to his first year with Calgary, after four straight stellar years. Since DeAngelis doesn't punt and was being paid a relative high salary, not performing at around the mid-eighties isn't going to cut it. It seemed that his percentage at Ivor Wynne was lower than his rate on the road (although I don't have the exact data) so that too is going to make it difficult to stay as the Ticat kicker. One other line of pertinent stats, his longest completed field goal from 2005 to 2010: 56, 53, 48, 49, 48 and 45 yards. Not a good trend.

Will Justin Medlock or another import kicker have a better year for the Cats this year? Maybe, but kicking outside at Ivor Wynne is definitely tougher than inside at BC Place or the Rogers Centre and could be tough to adjust to.

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M@ said...

But c'mon! The guy has two kids! He was renovating his house!

Seriously, as one of the CFL players with a salary that meant he could play football and not work the rest of the year, he really shouldn't be playing the "My Life Is Hard" card.

Also, on almost any kicking stat, he was middle of the pack at best. He'll be lucky to get a roster position now anywhere in the league.

I don't hate DeAngelis or anything, and I really feel sorry for him getting the boot (hah) like that, but if he'd hit 80% on his field goals we wouldn't be having this conversation.