Tuesday, August 23, 2011

CFL Power Rankings, Week 9, 2011

1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Didn't play, but it's not like anyone did anything to improve their comparisons to the Bombers.
2. Montreal Alouettes
3. Calgary Stampeders
4. Hamilton Tigercats
Well Hamilton beat Toronto in it's last game, which is more than you can say for the Eskimos.
5. BC Lions
Sure they may only have two wins, but they easily beat an Edmonton team weakened by injuries. Bruce combined with Simon makes for an excellent receiving tandem and Bruce proved last week he still has it. Provided there's another receiver that draws double coverage. Plus the defensive line is looking sweet.
6. Toronto Argonauts
The Argos looked good for most of the game, but then managed to honk it up, then held on to beat the Riders. Looked decent against Hamilton the week before, so things are looking up for the Argos, especially if they play other weak teams. Playing good teams, not so much.
7. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
Displayed some heart last week in Toronto and came within one broken up pass of stealing the road win. Firing Greg Marshall should help them a little bit.
8. Edmonton Eskimos
In theory the power rankings are supposed to be what you would do if you played this week. The Edmonton Eskimos were a good team, but have now descended into suckitude. Receivers are injured, the offensive line is atrocious and they've resorted to playing Kerry Joseph. Hard to have a winning record, but be ranked last, but here we are.

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