Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ticats Lose to Bombers 30 to 27

Unfortunately, due to being in Europe, I wasn't able to watch the game, only read the recaps and look at the stats. Disappointing, but it was close and too bad we couldn't pull it out at the end and the Cats were on the road.

Comparing the quarterbacks, both Glenn and Pierce made 34 attempts, with Glenn slightly better at 22 completions, while Pierce had 19. Glenn also had 351 yards while Pierce had 293. Both had 2 TDs, but Glenn had an interception. The strange thing with Glenn is how he can have good numbers but still end up losing. The Cats were 9 and 9 in the regular season last year, and 4 and 4 now. I think the rest of the Ticats are a good group too. I'm not saying put in Quinton Porter at quarterback, but there's some intangibles out there.

Chris Williams had a monster game, with 162 yards on seven catches with a TD, but had a costly interception. Williams is now fifth in receiving in the CFL, with 586 yards and is probably a lock for 1,000 yards receiving. Grant also had a good game with 83 yards on four catches and a TD. Hopefully Maurice Mann can come back for the Labour Day game. Still no Marquay McDaniel.

Cobourne only had 60 yards on 15 carries, for a 4.0 average, but against a tough Bomber line one can't really complain. Conversely Fred Reid only had 54 yards on 12 carries, so an even better job by the Ticat line.

The Cats only gave up a sack, while getting three themselves (two by Hickman and one by Baggs). Can't complain about that.

Medlock missed two field goals, with both being more than 50 yards. Can't really fault him for that.

Hopefully the Cats can regroup with more than a week to Labour Day and get another victory against the Alouettes at home. With the Ticats now 4 and 4 and the Bombers 7 and 1, it is getting unlikely the Cats will catch them for first in the East. If the Cats can't finish ahead of Montreal either that means on home playoff date. Normally that's not a huge deal, but with only eight regular season home games due to Moncton, the playoff game was supposedly going to be the ninth game. We'll see what happens.

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