Friday, October 14, 2011

CFL Predictions, Week 16, 2011

Calgary at Toronto
The Stamps are solid 6.5 points on the road and tired for first. Toronto is auditioning people for next year. The Argos defence and special teams are both pretty good, but they can never count on their offence. Calgary needs this for a home playoff game.
Chaps People 29 Suck People 16

Winnipeg at Edmonton
Edmonton is at home and favoured by 2.5 points which is somewhat puzzling. When was the last time the Eskimos beat a decent team? The Bombers haven't been particularly hot recently, but have played better than Edmonton. Both teams have a lot to play for, but I think Winnipeg is even more motivated to win first place in the East.
NDP People 24 Tory People 13

Hamilton at Montreal
Hamilton should sort of still care about this game, because things become a lot more interesting if they win this game from a home playoff perspective. They would be a game behind Montreal and have the season series in hand. After last week, I can't really see it happening on the road, where they're 6 point underdogs. Alouettes consistency and better secondary wins out.
Mulcair People 31, Donut People 20

BC at Saskatchewn
The Lions are only 7.5 point favourites on the road and have won seven games in a row. Eight, soon.
Retractable People 32, Sunshine People

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