Friday, October 28, 2011

CFL Predictions, Week 18, 2011: Penultimate Edition

Toronto at Winnipeg
The Bombers are playing for home advantage through the playoffs. The Argos are playing to figure out which mooks (Maurice Mann?)to bring back to training camp next year. Unsurprisingly the Argos are eight point underdogs. Providing Winnipeg quarterback Buck Pierce doesn't explode after an ill advised run where he had the chance to slide after reaching the first down marker, the Bombers cover. Even if Pierce does get carted off, the Bombers still cover.
Assiniboine People 26 Suck People 13

Hamilton at Saskatchewan
No more Durrant as quarterback for the Riders, not that he did much either. No Andy Fantuz either. The Cats don't have anything riding on the win, besides pride at achieving double digits in wins for the first time in forever, figuring out which quarterback to start in the playoffs, whether Porter is good enough to outright release Glenn during off-season, proving various writers of power rankings wrong and not going into the playoffs sucking. That appears to be enough for the Cats to be 6.5 point favourites on the road so who am I to argue.
Caturday People 35 Birch People 12

Edmonton at BC
Now here's a game that really means something. The Lions are coming off an ass booting from the Ticats on the road and look to get back in the groove against the Eskimos. The Eskimos beat Toronto last week, but you take your wins where you can get them in the CFL. Normally I would take the Lions here, but they seem to have come down with an epidemic of injuries which strikes me as problematic. The Eskimos have Jerome Messam healthy, so expect to see a festival of his runs. Going out on a limb and picking the Esks, even though they're five point underdogs and on the road.
Messam People 27, Orca People 22

Calgary at Montreal
What's happened to the Stampeders? I'm not even sure if Burris is starting again or if it matters. Montreal is 4.5 point favourites last I checked and I say they methodically dismantle Cowtowners and leave them as the third place team in the West.
Tabernac People 31 Mustang People 22

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