Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bombers Favoured, Unsurprisingly

I just glanced at the line on the Score's iPhone app and Winnipeg is favoured by only 3.5 points. That's not really that much, considering home field is usually around 3 points by itself. However with the Buck Pierce situation I can see the low spread. If Pierce can't go, I can't see Hamilton losing to an entire Alex Brink game with a healthy Kevin Glenn and Quinton Porter. Sure Winnipeg's defence is tough, but Hamilton's offence can score if they get enough shots and field position. Even if the Cats don't make a lot of progress into Winnipeg territory on a drive, Justin Medlock's long range should also factor in.

Incidently, I wonder how long it has been since the East home team has been favoured by so few points. If Pierce were to get ruled out, would Vegas make the Cats the favourite?

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