Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CFL Power Rankings, End of Regular Season Edition, 2011

1. BC Lions
Bitch slapped Montreal 43 to 1 on the way to home field advantage in the West. Didn't look good in the beginning of the season, but were on fire down the stretch. Still not sure just how good Travis Lulay is. Probably better than Burris right now.
2. Calgary Stampeders
Sure they didn't get a home playoff spot like the Esks, but I'm more impressed by beating Winnipeg which had a home playoff game on the line, than squeezing past the Riders, who had long since changed their focus to Eugene Makowsky's bid for election as a Saskatchewan MPP. Better one two quarterback combination, although I must confess I can't remember who the Eskimos' backup quarterback is. Oh wait it's Kerry Joseph, who is worse than Burris.
3. Edmonton Eskimos
Won their last game when they needed it even if it was the Riders. Not bad down the stretch although there was a sucky part in the middle. Still like Messam, still think Ray is a tad overrated. Have to give props to head coach Kavis Read. Didn't expect the Eskimos here at the end of the regular season.
4. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Sort of close to winning their last game of the regular season but ended up assing their way into home field advantage in the East. Kind of smelly down the stretch after a great start. Not surprisingly Buck Pierce has some sort of injury and is questionable for the next game. However the fact that he hasn't been ruled out is something, and I'm basing this ranking on my guess that a week off will get him healthy. Don't really like Brink in the East final.
5. Montreal Alouettes
Tabernac! What's happened to the Alouettes? Injuries, especially on the offensive line and suddenly Anthony Calvillo is starting to look crotchety? Totally came up flaccid in the final game of the season with home field advantage on the line and managed merely a single point. If the Alouettes can get their shit together against Hamilton they may be a problem for Winnipeg the next week. Not sure if that's going to happen.
6. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Well they lost against the Argos who didn't have their starting quarterback. That's not good. At least they rested some players and may be healthier next week in Montreal. Kevin Glenn is just too inconsistent at this juncture to give the Cats a higher ranking. There's almost a 50-50 chance that Glenn coughs up a furball whenever he takes the field. Having Porter sort of helps, but the game's usually too far gone by the time he comes in to help.
7. Toronto Argonauts
They're hot! Debated putting them above Hamilton as a bit of a contrarian pick. Still a crappy team that could be 500 if everything breaks their way next season.
8. Saskatchewan Rough Riders
A well deserved last place in the power rankings. The Riders totally fell apart this year and need some significant rebuilding. If Andy Fantuz stays they should improve. If he leaves for Ontario that's bad news for next year.

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