Thursday, March 8, 2012

No More Justin Medlock

So Ticat kicker/punter has signed with the Carolina Panthers. Not great news for the Cats, as Medlock's kicking last year was a big improvement over the kicking of Sandro DeAngelis the year before. Medlock was good for long distance kicks which was certainly useful for the Cats, although the team still ended up 8 and 10 during the regular season.

My prediction, the Cats will miss Medlock in some games, but still have a lot better record. Medlock's punting compared to his kicking was kind of meh.

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M@ said...

Very true about Medlock's punting -- he was definitely hot and cold, with the cold games (I suspect) outnumbering the hot.

Think Congi will get a shot? I don't get the impression that Macaveety is being seriously considered for prime time at this point.