Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ticats Release Stevie Baggs, Pick Up Some Fungible Defensive Linemen

So the Cats have gone and released defensive end Stevie Baggs. So much for the Stevie Baggs jersey I bought last year at the season ticket pickup party. I'm a bit surprised that the release was this late, considering they lost Hickman to the NFL and signed former Eskimo Greg Peach a while ago. I assume this is value for money release. Baggs can play, but the writing was on the wall last year when in the final game of the regular season, Baggs sat because of ratio issues.

The Cats have gone and signed three import linemen. Tigercatatonia has always argued that import running backs are pretty much fungible commodities. There's always one waiting to be signed who is pretty much as good as the guy you have now. I'm not sure that's the case for defensive linemen in the CFL, but I guess we'll find out what the pass rush is like this year.

Does Baggs get picked up by another team? I would assume so. He might not be worth his old salary, but he's valuable on obvious passing downs. Maybe the Riders would be interested in getting him back.

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