Friday, May 18, 2012

Forcier In, Boltus Out

So the Cats have released third string quarterback Jason Boltus and signed Tate Forcier. Forcier is interesting because of his play at the University of Michigan before academic problems. I would be curious to see his Wonderlic scores. Forcier is really young at 21 which is intriguing so what he does at training camp and during the exhibition games is worth watching for. Given the history of Ticat third string quarterbacks of late (i.e. Boltus) who knows what happens with Forcier.

Will Boltus get picked up? He's been around the CFL for a few years now. Maybe some other CFL team that finds out their quarterbacks all suck would give him a shot, although the Ticats giving up on him would probably give them pause. The Argos signed former Ticat third stringer Adam Trafalis so who knows.

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