Thursday, May 3, 2012

Thoughts on Ticats Samuel Giguerre Signing

The Cats having finally signed first round draft pick Samuel Giguerre after his four year sojourn in the NFL requires a bit of analysis.

Giguerre probably wanted to play in Montreal and I'm guessing the Alouettes likely offered a low draft pick in return. My theory is that GM O'Billovich played hardball and made clear there would be no trade with Montreal.

After four years of NFL practice rosters, where is Giguerre in terms of what he can contribute? One would assume that if he signed with the Cats initially, after four years this year he would be contributing. What will Giguerre do this year for the Cats? Is there any chance to start, or is just depth and a special teams player?

Injuries. What condition will Giguerre come into camp with? Is he now injury prone?

A good signing though prior to the draft and puts less pressure on the Cats to draft a receiver.

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