Friday, February 28, 2014

Boom! Ticats Want $1 Million Per Game If Stadium Delayed

Tigercatatonia has been posting and wondering about what the current construction state the new Tim Horton's Field with all the bad winter weather. It was announced in January that the stadium was two weeks behind and it has been nothing but unseasonably cold weather since the announcement and early March is looking unseasonably cold as well.

Now we have a bit more information about what happens if the stadium is delayed past the first scheduled CFL game in July. From a Spec article:

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats will be looking to recover at least $1 million for every home game they miss if the new Pan Am stadium is not completed on time.
Infrastructure Ontario says Ontario Sports Solutions — the consortium building the $145-million stadium — is on the hook for the costs if the team can't play its first scheduled home game at Tim Hortons Field on July 26. 

 At least the city isn't on the hook for that, but the province. With a potential million dollar penalty per game that at least gives an incentive to the province to get the work done faster, although in theory they could pay only nine million if the stadium isn't ready for the regular season, which in the grand scheme of cost overruns isn't that much.

Where would the Cats play if they can't play at Tim Horton's? Mac? Quite small and couldn't get a fraction of the season ticket holders. Guelph again? Maybe. Are the temp stands even still up? Expect after winter is finally done to find out a better estimate of how delayed the stadium is.

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