Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ottawa REDBLACKS Signing Henry Burris?

Reports are abounding that the Ottawa Redblacks are signing former Ticat quarterback Henry Burris. A bit weird considering they already picked up Kevin Glenn in the expansion draft. Also weird that the Bombers lost out on Burris after Collaros being picked up by Hamilton.

Also weird is that Dave Campbell (@Dave_CHED) is reporting on Twitter that Burris is signing for over $400,000 (I don't think he got that much in Hamilton the last couple of years base).

On the intertubes people are speculating Ottawa trades Glenn back to Winnipeg his former team, which would be kind of amusing, although the chip on Glenn's shoulder must be reaching massive proportions by now. Glenn is a few years younger than Burris, but Ottawa must like Burris better to make this move. Or maybe they make training camp a like Glengarry Glen Ross where the winner get the starting job and the loser gets his release and no steak knives.

At least Ottawa looks like they're making an attempt to be decent in 2014. With the massive turnover that CFL rosters go over every year, the CFL is a league when in theory your team should be able to get better quickly.

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