Thursday, March 20, 2014

BMO Field Expansion Approved, Argos Moving

The expansion of BMO Field has been approved (strangely with Argo fan Rob Ford the only one voting against). The Argos can now move there. I'm sure Toronto FC supporters are annoyed with gridiron football now to be played there.

I've argued that the Argos playing at BMO is valuable to MLSE because it adds value to the naming rights. Argos games get high television ratings and TFC historically hasn't.

As a Ticat fan, I'm glad our nemesis has somewhere to play. Although I'm kind of afraid of how expensive a beer will be there.


M@ said...

There is never any surprise in Rob Ford voting against a motion. That was his claim to fame as a councillor, bizarrely.

Jorge said...

Yeah why this one though. He spoke for it recently. Could have been high or drunk for the vote though.

I should have also mentioned that the ability to host a Grey Cup ate BMO would be valuable for naming rights and for MLSE to slurp all the associated GC event revenue.