Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ralph Wilson, Buffalo Bills Owner Dead

So the Bills weasel out of their Toronto Rogers Centre home game this year and Ralph Wilson dies. Coincidence? Probably not, Wilson was in his nineties.

For the CFL fan, Wilson approaching death is/was important because of what happens to the team next. His heirs didn't want to take over so the team will be sold. Obviously there's some Toronto interests and even Jon Bon Jovi according to some Toronto newspaper writers that want to move an NFL team to Toronto. The Bills were likely the best possibility so it will be interesting to see if the team moves or not.

I have the feeling that a lot of Americans have feelings of goodwill toward the Bill being in Buffalo, so the NFL would have to brave their opprobrium to move it to Toronto. I'm guessing they don't want to do that and will try and shepherd an ownership group committed to keeping the Bills in Buffalo. I'm also guessing that the two US State Senators from New York will also be looking to facilitate such an ownership. Interesting period coming up in any case.

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