Friday, April 18, 2014

More CFL Google Trends Data

In my previous post, I discussed a recent 538 blog post on Google trends data on North American pro sports teams. That article looked at data from 2004 to now. However considering how poor the Ticats were in that era, I was curious how popular they were in 2013 when they managed to make the Grey Cup (the first time since 1999 against Calgary).

Unsurprisingly the Cats were relatively improved. The Riders were top with a score of 21 (they won the Grey Cup which couldn't have hurt). The Eskimos were well back at 11, tied with the Bombers (which seems weird considering the Bombers were terrible, but they have dedicated fans obviously).

The Alouettes and Lions were tied at 9, the Ticats and Stampeders were tied at 8, and Rob Ford's Argos were last at 6.

So the Cats were tied for sixth in the CFL, which is quite respectable considering there's not a lot of fans for Hamilton outside Hamilton, unlike some teams which basically get an entire province. I'm expecting this year to be high partially because soon people will start Googling about how the stadium is progressing. I'm not sure if that qualifies under any publicity is good publicity.

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