Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Possible Halifax Business Leaders for a CFL Team

Frank Magazine has a list of who might be involved in a Halifax CFL team. Frank Magazine has learned who Mayor Mike Savage and Canadian Football League bossman Mark Cohon were courting as potential business boosters for a possible HRM CFL expansion team and new stadium.

On February 10, Mayor Mike, along with city CAO Richard Butts, hosted several meetings around town with the creme de la creme of the municipality’s business elite.

User Stach27 then posted this on the CFL subreddit:

The leaders named are as follows:
Don Clow - Crombie; CEO
Don Mills - Corp Research Associates; CEO
Francis Fares - Fares Real Estate; President
Fred George - Gammon Gold (Now named AuRico Gold); Former CEO
Jim Spatz - Southwest Properties; CEO
Patrick & Sean O'Regan - O'Regan's; Co-Owners
Colin MacDonald - Clearwater Seafood; CEO

Stach27's commentary:
So just to round this up, we have multiple property tycoons, a market research company, a seafood giant, an automotive retail chain and the former CEO of a gold mining company leading the charge for a CFL team. That seems like a hell of an ownership group to me.

I think having property people on board is key as to make this work, it is going to have to be part of a larger property redevelopment deal, sort of like Lansdowne in Ottawa. With the CFL salary cap, making a team work financially, or at least come way closer to break even isn't that hard. The Gliebermanns could fuck it up sure, but a competent operator should be OK.

For the CFL, adding a tenth team leads to a balanced schedule, which should have significant upside for all teams. Because of that, the CFL should figure out what that is worth and possibly make a small contribution in relation to that sum for building a new stadium.

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