Wednesday, May 14, 2014

TSN Will Broadcast Six Pre-Season Games in 2014

After having less games last year (two I think), TSN and TSN2 will broadcast six pre-season games out of a total of nine pre-season games. Unsurprisingly TSN2 will broadcast the Ottawa home game in Saskatchewan against Saskatchewan. More surprisingly TSN isn't broadcasting the other Rider game which seems a bit stupid from a rating standpoint.

Ottawa gets two games, Calgary gets two games and the Bombers get two games. Hamilton? Nada. Fuck you TSN.

Maybe logistics at Mac for the Ticat home game would have made it difficult, but why not the road game? At least the Cable 14 sports staff will have something to do for two games this year.

TSN has four games and TSN2 has two. Hopefully as few games as possible will have Rod Black, but that's unfortunately doubtful.

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