Monday, November 10, 2014

Ticats Eric Norwood Tied For Second in 2014 CFL Sacks, Laurent and Reed Second and Third on the Team

One story of this Ticats regular season that hasn't received a lot of mention was how many sacks the Ticats Eric Norwood got in 2014. After Saturday's game, Norwood ended up with 13 sacks, tied for second with the Stampeders' Shawn Lemon (hopefully not related to Cleo) and Edmonton's Odell Willis. The Riders' John Chick has the most at fifteen.

Norwood didn't even play every game (and not due to injury). Norwood is a second year player out of South Carolina. He had four sacks in 2013. One has to think he has an East all-star shot, since he led the East in sacks.

Non-import Ted Laurent tied for 12th in the CFL with nine sacks, which is quite good for an interior lineman. Rookie linebacker Taylor Reed had 8 sacks, which is also good for a linebacker in the CFL.I don't think Reed played every game either.

It was also a season of two halves in terms of sacks for the Cats. The first half of the season, the Cats were bottom dwellers in total sacks in the league, but ended up respectable by the end.

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M@ said...

Two things about John Chick getting the sack title... one, he was gifted five sacks in the first game of the season by the Ticats (not that they don't count, just ugh). And two, he dried up after mid-season, I think registering fewer than five sacks after Labour Day. Not as great a season as it seems, really.

Taylor Reed definitely missed at least one game, possibly more.