Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Calgary Herald Article on the CFL's Head Statistician, Steve Daniel

The Calgary Herald has a good interview with the CFL's head statistician, Steve Daniel. Well worth a read.

One interesting tidbit from the article:

"After 73 games this season, for example, CFL teams had used a total of 566 players, with an average age of 27.41."

Since there's nine teams, that's an average of 62.3 players per team. I would be curious to see the stats for each team this year. I remember that last year the Cats used a ridiculous number of players due to injury, although somewhat counter-intuitively Hamilton made it to the Grey Cup.

One stat I've been wondering about is pass knockdowns. Does the CFL track it? In some ways it isn't as good as a sack since no yards are lost, however with the recent trend of sacks being nullified by roughing the passer calls, a pass knockdown never really has this danger. 

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M@ said...

The Cats have dressed 83 different players this year - down a bit from the 88 they dressed last year. Still leading the league in that sense, at least.