Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hamilton Ticats Resign Wide Receiver Luke Tasker?

The Scratching Post is reporting that the Ticats have resigned import wide receiver Luke Tasker. No official announcement yet, but if it is true that's great news for 2015.

Tasker was the leading receiver in terms of yardage in 2014 for the Tiger-Cats. Having him and Andy Fantuz is a pretty good receiving tandem. The question then becomes who will the other main receivers be in 2015? Bakari Grant? Greg Ellingson? Sam Giguere? Brandon Banks?

Having Tasker signed means that the Ticats have more flexibility in terms of who they need to sign to round out the receiving corps and losing one or two of the other four isn't that big a deal. The Cats over the years have shown good ability at finding import receivers, so there isn't a lot of reasons to be concerned.

One question is how much Tasker signed for. If it is for a lot, that could cause a lot of problems for other problems in terms of the salary cap. The Cats may then want to not resign some of the other receivers and just go with cheap first year imports.

Also I'm glad as a Ticat fan that Tasker signed now rather than attending a NFL camp and only coming back later to the team. Tasker's size likely hurt him in trying to catch on with an NFL team. The CFL's much larger field also is more suited to Tasker.

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