Monday, January 12, 2015

Tim Horton's Field Not Ready Yet

Somewhat incredibly the Ticats' new stadium still isn't ready yet. From this Spec article:

"The city hopes the Pan Am stadium will be finished in February – or at least by April.

The city is still waiting to take possession of the $145-million stadium that was supposed to be finished last July. Infrastructure Ontario most recently estimated the building would handed over by the end of January. "

Considering the stadium was supposed to be open at the end of June last year, that's remarkable. The first pre-season game is likely far enough away to not be affected fortunately. I should swing by the stadium and take a few shots to see the current state.

 I'll be curious to see in the future if there is any complaints about shoddy construction. I'm guessing this stadium doesn't last as long as Ivor Wynne.

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