Monday, April 27, 2015

Bell and Larry Tanenbaum to Buy Argos, Rogers Doesn't Want Them, Grey Cup 2016? is reporting that the mystery group that wants to buy the Argos and move it to BMO Field is actually MLSE owners Bell and Larry Tanenbaum minus the other owner of MLSE Rogers who apparently don't want the Argos.

That's a pretty good group to have and it makes sense for Bell considering that they own TSN whose prime property is pretty much the CFL now (after Rogers snarfed up the NHL). As has been reported before, two Grey Cups in ten years would be needed to hosted in Toronto to justify the deal.

Rogers appears to be trying to free ride on the Argos to some extent. Since MLSE pretty much controls BMO Field, and gets the revenue from the naming rights, the Argos being playing at BMO Field likely boosts those naming rights.

What does that mean for the Ticats chances for hosting a Grey Cup in 2016? I actually don't think it is that bad for their chances. With the Argos moving next year, I'm not sure they could be organized enough to host a Grey Cup in time for November 2016. The Cats organization which is pretty strong (plus the city has good experience as the recent Junos showed) I'm sure could be ready.

Still it is a little strange no host for 2016 has been named considering it is almost May.

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